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Pricing? Sponsorships? Media Response?

Size? Floors? Scheduling?

Loading In? Security?

Removal? Other?


Shows generally cost between $4,050 and $50,000 depending on the size, duration of performance, and the complexity of design. Sponsorships and strategic planning can greatly offset these costs.


Sponsors love to be tied to unique special events. USA can carve logos of sponsors directly into the sand. The value of high exposure for relatively low costs involved is readily seen by potential sponsors. USA sculptures always draw new people to your event which includes the media.


Front page news paper photos and five o' clock news spots are frequent and common occurrences. Our artists love to have fun with the media. What would five minutes of prime time on all networks cost you?

Of course, the larger the size, the greater the attraction.


The smaller shows range from 15 tons to about 60 tons and take up a space of about 400-600 square feet. (about 20'x20' or 20'x30') Large shows can take up as much space as you can give and use as much sand as you can get us. Our largest show to date has been 3-1/2 acres with a 1/4 mile road through it. Size is up to you.


Most floors can hold a tremendous amount of weight. Even a fifteen foot high sand sculpture weighing 60 tons, spread over a 400' area, puts only an average 300 pounds per square foot. At their points of contact ,cars and other vehicles place more pressure than that on the floor.
Your local engineer can assure you of this fact.

Will it damage the surface of your floor? We use multiple layers of protection at the base of all our sculptures. USA has built on marble, carpet, wood, tile, terrazzo, and cement and has never damaged a floor.


You are ready for one aren't you ? Early planning makes it easy. Talking together, USA and you can plan for things like: dates for press releases, loading in the sand, specially connected events, media interviews, finishing, and eventual removal of the sculpture.

Loading In?

USA sculptors work hard to make the load in painless. We take care of the scheduling of sand selection, delivery, labor, and equipment. We take pride in speedy move-ins during off hours with a neat finish which eases the burden of your maintenance personnel.


USA is a big help in site security during business hours. Our clients are usually responsible for fencing or stanchions and overall security of the site as most of these resources are already in place.


Removal is the easy part. USA always protects floors by building a sand box which prevents sensitive floors from damage. It is usually less expensive and a simple task to utilize staff on hand or hire a sub contractor to do the job. USA is happy to discuss the options which could best suit your needs.


Is bad weather a Problem?
Sometimes weather can be a challenge but USA successfully deals with it as it comes.

Is vandalism a problem?
With proper security it is rarely an issue.

Are there additional costs?
agreements are very clear about costs.
We've been doing business a long time and realize the value of no surprises.

How long can it last?
builds sculptures to last as long as you like.

You probably have some other great questions. You can E-Mail your questions or call us directly.
We are happy to answer your questions.

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