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Founders: Walter Schwartz - Rob Tobey - Chris Tobey
USA's Business Purpose
USA's Features and Benefits
Starting a Show - The Pound up
Live Performance - Showtime
Last Stage - Completion

Walter Schwartz found out when he was 34 years old and living in Salt Lake City, that he could sculpture sand as entertainment. Since 1984 Walter has been Sculpting sand internationally.
Walter now lives in Lansing Michigan.

Rob Tobey began carving sand when he volunteered to help Walter finish up a sculpture show in 1990. He has been performing huge sand sculpture attractions from 15 tons up to 1500 tons for fairs and malls and assorted other clients across the nation.
Rob has just recently moved to Kissimmee, Florida.

Chris Tobey joined Walt and Rob in the mid 90's and helped develop the marketing and media programs that took USA to the next level. He also took up the art of sand sculpting and led many of the shows in the mid-western and western United States for USA.
Chris lives in Salt Lake, Utah.

USA has employed sculptors in over fifteen states - many of which also now have their own companies and are brought in on larger projects whenever required.

USA's business purpose is creating sand sculptures that draw large numbers of people who are entertained by live performance sculpture and unique artistic presentation. USA's works increase and balance traffic at your event. USA's sculptures are always an attraction to which sponsors want to attach their names and the Media loves to give front-page and primetime coverage.
It's automatic !

Whenever United Sculptors of America performs a show, public interest is high, sponsors are pleased, event managers are heroes, merchants are glad, and the media is interested and supportive. Everyone is a winner.

When United Sculptors of America comes into town the action gets under way immediately. They order a pile of sand, laborers and equipment to create a massive compressed step pyramid of sand in large boxes. The boxes are usually made of plywood. This is called the pound up, the compaction stage, or the blocking out of the sculpture. Bringing in of the sand usually happens before or after opening business hours. Even the beginning of the show generates lots of interest. People wonder what it will become.

The next stage is called the live ongoing sculpture show. The United Sculptors Artists climb up to the top of the blocks of sand & wood and remove the wood from the top down, sculpturing as they go. Slowly at first, the sculpture begins to take shape. Then the pace seems to pick up speed as the sculptors move toward the bottom of the sand pile. Careful budgeting of time is applied to every level, so that the art piece will be finished on time. It all happens before the public, and is almost always spotted on the five O- clock news or on a front page of the newspaper.

The last stage of a United Sculptors of America sand sculpture show is called the cleanup or the finishing stage. This stage is when the artists make sure the art piece is finished all the way to the perimeter of the sand box so that they will be proud to step out of the project and take their own pictures.
The sculpture is left as an exhibit for as long as the client wants to leave it up.

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